Maya McClean


Program Intentions

In this program Maya will share with you simple tools and practices on how to live an aligned life in partnership with your higher vibrational self in the area's of mental and physical health, spiritual growth, and a conscious eating. 

I’ve been working with Maya for 2 years and the experience has been life changing for me.  When I met Maya I was living a life that was over-scheduled and not allowing any space for things to just happen naturally.

Amy P.

I was in a state of discontent with my work and life in general.  Once I learned how to let go and allow space for things to flow, my life was better.  I began to dig deep inside to discover that there were so many things I was doing to cover up the inner turmoil I was in.

Amy P.

I remember having an epiphany and a huge release of emotions and texting Maya at around Midnight and she was there for me.  The tears were flowing as I was releasing all of the negative energy inside me during this self-discovery.  It was a pivotal turning point for me.

Amy P.

I knew at that moment my life was going to be better.  There were significant changes that happened after that which allowed the good things to flow into my life!  Since then I’ve found passion in my work and have enjoyed the magic that has unfolded!

Amy P.

I continue to work with Maya on a regular basis, as she has become a great friend and coach.  Her guidance is invaluable.  I highly recommend working with her and you will see your life change for the better.

Amy P.

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